Brazilian TUMMY Tuck™

An intense 30 minute conditioning class that focuses on the abdominal and lower back region. Leandro elevates the tummy crunch to new levels with unique moves that target your midsection from every angle ensuring abs that are taut, toned and tummy-licious. Cancel your plastic surgery appointment and take Leandro Carvalho’s signature class!

Brazilian BUTT Lift™

Beautify your booty with Leandro’s signature class. A combination of high intensity cardio drills that sculpt and lift those hard to reach areas, strength exercises from a variety of angles that get your glutes in gear and flexibility exercises for further shaping and toning. Fun, fast and effective, your butt will never look better. Voted “Best Bikini Prep Class” by NEW YORK MAGAZINE 2004.

Brazilian Body SCULPT

Leandro takes the “tradition” out of this signature Body Sculpting class that combines, targeted strength training moves that tone and strengthen your muscles,  along with core stabilization and balance moves that  involve your whole body simultaneously – all to a pulsating Brazilian beat!

Brazilian UPPER Cuts

Tone and build muscles in your upper body using dumbbells and core balance exercises that will improve balance and strength. Develop & define your chest, back, shoulders & arms. A supremely effective workout from Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian BODY series.

Rio Extreme

If you are looking for a serious workout that is still fun and will keep you on the move, Rio Extreme is it.
This intensive workout is an alternative to traditional boot camp, interval and strength and conditioning classes. This Brazilian inspired class combines cardio moves from Capoeira, Samba and Maracatu with serious strength training routines to get your Ipanema beach body svelte and ready for the beach any time of year.

The class objectives are to:

  • Increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Increase bone density
  • Increase metabolism
  • Increase calorie burning during exercise session for fat loss and weight management
  • Decrease risk of osteoporosis

Equipment used in class will be:

  • Dumbbells
  • Mat
  • Medicine balls

Brazilian Groove

A pulsating cardio dance class to the tribal rhythmic beats of Brazil. Utilizes Samba dance routines from Rio de Janeiro to Bahia. Hip swaying, ever undulating non-stop motion burns off all unwanted inches. Invigorates your body and lightens your spirit – For anyone who loves to dance.

Brazilian Body Surf

This non weight bearing water workout experience is easy on your joints yet highly effective for burning fat and increasing your agility, endurance and coordination. Blends resistance training, boxing and cardio moves to create a highly challenging workout, complete with a dance-club soundtrack. Perfect for those in need of low impact training,expectant mothers and athletes alike. Leandro is a highly regarded leader in the aquatic training field – water resistance training at it’s best.

Amazonia Rhythms

Brazilian dance class synchronized to the rhythmic beats of the Amazon. A unique union of music, dance and the tribal traditions of the Brazilian jungle. An exotic and dynamic dance experience, that will increase your metabolism, burn calories and create lean muscle mass. Exuberant, exciting, energy infused and easy to follow.

Brazilian Stretch

A full body Yoga based class, to the sounds of Bossa Nova. Enjoy 30 minutes of stretching that will repair your muscles and refresh your mind.

Higher and Tighter

The Higher and Tighter class focuses on the bumbum,  and legs.The bumbum will become rounder and lifted, the inner and outer thighs get firmer and toned. The class will also help you to get rid of saddle bags. We will be using ankle weights and bands to reach results faster, so you will look hot in your tight jeans.