How to Attract a Woman with Your Body

Were you aware that your body language could make or break your chances with a girl?

Women observe everything about you and they notice tons of things, and unfortunately, not a lot of guys know how to be an alpha male to attract female attention.

Do you want girls to run after you, even without interacting with them in any way?

There are actually some ways to do this.

Body Language Seduction Tactics – How To Attract Any Woman Using Killer Body Language Tricks:

Deep Voice.

Your voice happens to play a big part in the world of dating. Whenever a girl overhears you saying anything at all, she will instantly know if she is interested in you through the sound of your voice.

It is easy to lower your voice and make it sound charming and romantic.

You could even try some voice training.

Invest some of your time in improving your tone, so you can attract women and have them crave your company all the time.

Body Spread.

Appearing jumpy and tense while in a club will never bag you any girls.

Try looking laidback and see where this will take you.

Guys that appear totally relaxed in every environment tend to be the ones who have women running after them, actively searching for them, and asking for their phone numbers.

The Calm.

Guys that get excited whenever women are around will never attract them.

Instead, you will only appear as nothing but creepy in their eyes since you will fidget, sweat, sport and act as if you are losing it, simply by looking at her.

Calm down, listen to some soothing music before heading out and simply talk to women in a normal manner without becoming too thrilled or anxious about the overall outcome.

Just be yourself.

Remind yourself: “This is who I am.

I am funny, cool, conversational, and I can make a great company.”

Just repeat these at least 5 times, and you’ll surely feel more confident than a few minutes before.

Take a power nap.

If you’re too stressed, then it’s best to leave your car, take a cab, and opt for a power nap for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

You’ll feel refreshed and a whole lot better after that.
Of course, these are only quick fixes.

If you have deep-seated insecurities, it’s best to confront them.

Once you get a woman’s attention, it would be high time to build significant amounts of rapport with her. There is actually a way for you to build a strong emotional connection with a girl, no matter how short a time you’ve known her.

Change your clothes.

You can better learn how to attract a woman if you’re neat or well put together.

This doesn’t mean you have to invest in fancy suits and pants. You simply have to appear very clean.

You can take a quick shower before you put on some clothes.

Moreover, ensure that they are properly laundered and/or pressed before you wear them.

Do some warm-ups.

You don’t need to have the rock-hard abs before you can learn how to attract a woman.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do some sit-ups or push-ups.

Doing some warm-ups before you step out the door can actually increase your confidence as they make you feel good about yourself.

At the very least, you’ll have the feeling of lightness.

Warm-ups can also boost endorphins in the body, which are referred to as happy hormones.

Simply put, they make you feel elated and happy.

Hopefully, this emotion bursts forth later.