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Success Stories
Alison Donnelly
Two and half years ago I topped the scales at 193 pounds and a size 16. At 5' 8", I had hit my personal rock bottom. I decided to start exercising at home since I was too embarrassed to go to a gym. I bought some cardio DVDs and very slowly committed to daily exercise and lost 39 pounds in 2009. During 2010, I stayed committed to my daily exercise and maintained my weight. As 2011 approached, I took stock of my body and decided that it was time to take my fitness to the next level. I was happy that I had lost weight and maintained that loss, but I wasn't very toned and I knew I could be better. I had in fact, settled for a body that was "better than it used to be". I declared February 1, 2011 would be MY New Year's Day. I wasn't exactly sure what program I was going to do, but I knew I was going to push for the body of my dreams. And then, I met Leandro Carvalho.

I was selected to be in a test group for Brazil Butt Lift, Leandro's brilliant booty (and body) sculpting program. I started my journey with Leandro on February 23, 2011. This date will stand as a sort-of REbirthday for me as, not only has my body changed exactly the way Leandro said it would, but my mind has changed. I eat differently, think differently, LIVE differently. I am becoming a new person! I decided to commit to Leandro's program with all of my heart and mind, am now a sculpted, toned, healthy, athletic 36-year-old mom, wife and WOMAN! I have lost 22 pounds and am now wearing a size 6! My enormous saddle bags are a shrunken shell of their former selves. My butt is becoming firm and rounded in a way that I never believed possible! I am developing toned abs! I am not settling for less, and that means I still have work to do, but no longer do I hope or dream of a beautiful body, I work for it! I KNOW I can be amazing and not just "better than I used to be". I have no self-doubt anymore. Leandro made me see that nothing is impossible when I put my mind and body on the same track.

I am shocked every time I pass a mirror and see the sexy, toned woman staring back at me. Brazil Butt Lift has changed my body in ways I was told were not possible. I am forever indebted to Beachbody and Leandro for giving me this opportunity and trusting that I was up to the challenge. They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I leave this test group a new woman with a positive body image and a future with endless possibilities!

Yanelba Ferreira
Yanelba - Before and afterI remember the first day when I started being self-conscious about my booty. It was in the month of May – fourteen years ago. I had worn tights and a baby doll top for an acting showcase where I was told I was as flat as a board. My response to this was smacking the person in the back as hard as I could and run away.  I remember feeling really bad about it and even crying that night. At that age, I was accustomed to dressing as a “tom boy” and after this cruel comment; I wore really long t-shirts and big pants. I was wearing pants of sizes 4-9, and only weighed about 97 lbs. I did this only to hide my flat butt. I started looking around to see if there were any other girls in my school who also had the same issue as me… I needed to see if I was the only one with this problem.

Four years after this comment – I gained weight. In the span of five years I went from 112 lbs to 145lbs.  When I was about 128 lbs, I was really happy because I saw that I had a tiny booty. However, I was still very self-conscious and tried to hide my butt with big shirts as much as I could. For work, I would try to avoid tucking in my shirt and when I went clubbing, I always tried to wear dresses.

A few years ago, I joined a kickboxing club in order to get in shape. I did really well the first couple of months – going to the kickboxing club several times a week and working on my diet. However, I got so busy that I never made time to eat and when I went to work out, I would get light headed and the boxing trainers would kick me out and tell me that if I don’t eat, I can’t show up. And so, I stopped working out because I wasn’t eating much. I actually lost 15 pounds in a month.  As a result of all this weight fluctuation my body was just a mess.

I hated going shopping because I could never really find things that I liked and that actually fit me right. I also hated looking at myself in the mirror in the dressing rooms – for some reason the lighting there would accentuate the fact that I had cellulite.  During intimacy, I never really wanted my partner to look at me too much and I was vocal about it. When I went to the beach, although I walked around with my head up and seemed very confident, deep down inside I was self-conscious and didn’t want anyone to look at my booty – so most of the time I would try to by bathing suits with cover-ups.

I started acting about nine months ago and I really didn’t like the way I came out on film because I wasn’t at my ideal weight…and the camera adds ten pounds. I remember going to an audition in January and having to audition in lingerie… I was so self-conscious and nervous, it was very obvious to the director and producer because after I booked the role – they told me! This was right before Brazil Butt Lift – so I needed to lose about 12 pounds. I wanted to get a personal trainer so that I can get in better shape. Although, I wanted to do something about the shape of my booty, I thought that the shape of my booty would not change because I was constantly told if you are born with a flat booty, you will always have a flat booty unless you have surgery/injections or wear the underwear/shape wear with the padding; none of which I was going to entertain. And … have they ever been more wrong!

Leandro’s Brazil Butt Lift program has changed my life. I am a different person inside and out.  My body made a 360-degree change. I look at pictures from January and before and I can’t help but to agree with everyone else …“it’s not the same girl!” The Brazil Butt Lift program challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally. When I went to the audition for the test group I had not eaten anything because I had been busy all day and didn’t have time to eat – and this was at 2:40PM. By the time I left the audition, the Beachbody Team gave me a banana.   When I went to the photo shoot, I actually didn’t think I looked that bad until I saw the pictures and compared my before and after. It was very shocking and actually embarrassing for me to see that I had gone to Vegas six months prior and wore a bathing suit.

I am ecstatic and very proud of having finished the test group program because I doubted myself all throughout – I rarely told anyone and I put on a façade but in reality I wanted to quit because my body and mind wouldn’t allow me to give it my all. I felt dizzy, nauseous and weak in the first few weeks of the program.  I thought that was expected because my body was in shock – I rarely ate but when I ate, I overdid it – last Thanksgiving, I served myself four times. My body was indeed in shock – I had not worked out in years. I am very grateful for Brazil Butt Lift because I now know:
•    The importance of eating…and eating five meals a day
•    Calorie intake in order to lose or maintain weight
•    The importance of water intake
•    The importance of resting and sleeping
•    That you should never lose focus on what you want
•    That you can change the shape of your booty!

I am proud to say that I lost 15.5 lbs.  And 26 inches in just 60 days. All thanks to Leandro and Brazil Butt Lift. I am a more positive and confident person.  I am doing things I never imagined before – I posted a picture on Facebook in a cheeky bikini! I never did that before!  I also shot a scene for a music video where I was topless! My booty is no longer flat, it is round and it has a cute shape. For the first time in my life, I can say that my body is fully proportioned. I still don’t have the bum-bum of my dreams yet, but I’m working hard for it – give me a few more months and I know I will be there.  A lot of people are complimenting me on the parts of my body that I was more self-conscious and unhappy about…my arms, tummy and booty! I look at my recent pictures and I can’t believe my body. I look at my old pictures and I can’t believe the transformation! I have cried so many times because I’m so happy that I’m this happy. My 14 years of suffering and self-consciousness have come to an end. Family, co-workers, friends, fans and strangers are contacting me; they are all asking me how I did this. I became a Beachbody coach to tell them -- it was all diet, determination and Brazil Butt Lift. To all men and women that read this article, set a goal to become fit and put your all into it…if I did it, you too can do it!

I will be forever grateful to the Beachbody Team who brought me into the program, my Beachbody coach Jess for believing in me and fighting for me, Brazil Butt Lift for giving me this beautiful body and Leandro for coming up with this great program and for pushing me as he did.   Now I can take my acting and modeling career to the next level!
Lisette A.

Lisette before BBL

Lisette after BBL

Tell us a little bit about yourself. We want to know every little detail about your amazing story. So don't leave anything out!

My name is Lisette and I am a 40‐year mother, wife, researcher and freelance writer who lives in Seattle, WA. In addition to all of those things, I'm also a professional Samba dancer.

I have danced and performed for most of my life (African, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, etc). About 6 years ago I fell in love with Brazilian dance and culture ‐ and specifically with Rio‐style Samba. I ended up performing with a number of groups, and about 3 years ago formed my own dance company ‐ Tudo Beleza (www.tudobeleza.com). We perform regularly and have developed quite a local following. I also teach Rio‐style samba each month. Although I am not Brazilian by descent, I love being able to share Brazilian dance and culture with others ‐ and it has certainly spiced up my life!

Describe your life before you began your transformation. How did you look, how did you feel, and what were some of your activities?

Although I looked young for my age and was in reasonable shape because of my dancing ‐ I was definitely not happy with the directions things were moving. My metabolism, after years of running high, was slowing down. I liked the curves of my body, but after having my son 9 years ago I had started to grow love handles. These were now really starting to show through my form fitting clothes (I was starting to buy more flowing tops to compensate for this). My butt was the biggest problem. You can't fully tell from my before photos, but even dancing 1‐2 times a week, my butt cheeks were NOT tone at all. Not in the least. I had dimples and cellulite that showed, my butt was wider than I wanted, and the flabbiness was noticeable and getting worse. I always wore very supportive fishnet stockings when I performed because of this. My thighs were also wider than I wanted and I was starting to experience some chafing when I walked. I always had a lot of bloating by the end of the day, which drove me crazy. I stopped eating wheat, which helped, but it was still an almost daily issue. I felt like my body was changing and there was nothing I could do about it. After all, I was active, wasn't I? I sometimes even went to the gym, asking trainers for specific exercises to help tone my butt and things, but nothing was working. I had ALWAYS had the type of butt that could easily hold a pencil, the "hanging down" kind ‐ even in my early 20s. Maybe I was just destined to watch it grow with age.

What was it that triggered your journey to having a better booty, a better body, and a better life?

What triggered my journey to having a better booty was everything I described above, and the fact that I wanted to keep performing into my 40s. Every time I spotted my butt in the changing room when shopping for clothes I felt like my bikini days were growing more numbered. But one of the final straws was last summer when every time I got into a bathing suit, my son would comment on how "flabby" my butt was getting. "Mom you look like you have an old lady butt,” he said more than once. Gotta love kids. They just say what's on their mind, don't they? I knew I still looked great for my age, but I wondered if I could find a way to get more toned ‐ and not just give up and go into the downward slide.Obviously just dancing wasn't going to cut it. If there was something specifically I could do ‐ I wanted to find out.

How did you learn about Brazil Butt Lift? What did you like most about it? What was it that made you think, "this will work for me"?

I learned about Brazil Butt Lift from my 9‐year‐old son actually. We were on vacation in Southern California and he was watching TV one morning. He saw a commercial for Brazil Butt Lift and called me over. "Look mom ‐ you need to do this so your butt won't be so flabby!" Annoyed, I was going to dismiss him and not even come over, but then I thought I'd at least take a look. I was amazed that it was all about having a butt like Brazilian women ‐ I had been to Brazil and knew I'd LOVE to have a butt like those I'd seen on the beaches there. I also of course recognized a lot of the moves Leandro did in the Cardio Axe workout, and it looked like fun. Right up my alley actually! And the exercises looked like what I'd been looking for so long ‐ something specifically geared to toning and shaping my butt and thighs ‐ which were my main problem areas. If I lost the love handles too ‐ well great! I wasn't the type to buy workout DVDs but I thought this looked like fun and that it might actually work.The before and after photos were pretty convincing too. I figured ‐ what did I have to lose?

What obstacles, temptations, or distractions did you face as your transformation began? How did you overcome them to get to where you are now?

It was tough to stay on the workout schedule the first few days ‐ and I was pretty hungry on the 6 day model slim down plan as well. But after a few days, it started to feel easier. And I couldn't believe it, but I was starting to see changes by the end of the first week! This kept me motivated. I also felt great by day 5 or 6 ‐ and my body was adapting to eating healthier and leaner. After the first 6 days I added more calories (looked up online what would be healthiest for me as I didn't want to lose a ton of weight), but I still was eating FAR less calories than I ever had. I realized I felt better than ever. This and the changes I was seeing kept me working hard to meet my workout and eating goals. I only missed 2 workout days in 8 weeks; I couldn't believe it! I have a busy schedule with parenting, work, dance, etc ‐ but the more I did it and felt great, the more I wanted to stick to my goals. And Leandro's workouts are fun, motivating and easy to do at home ‐ he really has created something that is doable for anyone. I thought I might get bored with the program after a few weeks, but I still greatly enjoy all of Leandro's workouts!

Describe yourself now. How do you look? How has your body changed? How has your life changed as a result of this transformation? Do you have a special accomplishment, favorite feature, or unique story to tell since you began your transformation?

I look amazing!! I look more tone than I can ever remember being. No more love handles, the bloating is literally GONE after years of dealing with it, and my butt looks incredible! I can't believe I lost 3 inches off my hips/butt ‐ it completely blows my mind. And for the first time in my life, my butt cannot hold a pencil! I am amazed at how much it has lifted. As I mentioned before, I've tried many things to tone and tighten up that area, to no avail. Also, my thighs are not only smaller, but also much more shapely and sculpted. My husband keeps saying that I now look like I have an athlete's body. My arms, and triceps in particular, are much more tone. Another very dramatic change is my abdominal muscles.

Everyone is commenting on how ripped my abs look ‐ the other dancers in my company, friends and also my dance class students. Only 2 weeks into the workouts, a new student walked up to me and said "can I ask you if you get your amazing abs from doing samba?" I had to admit I had just started a new workout, and let her know what it was. I've done a lot of abdominal workouts over the years, but I have never had abs like this. In fact, I've gotten so many compliments and comments about my body changes that it's been almost overwhelming. And about 10 or 11 people I know have purchased Brazil Butt Lift ‐ based on the changes they've watched happen in my body over the last two months.

My life has been impacted in other ways, besides how I look physically. I feel so much healthier and happier. I had no idea that exercising 6 days a week would feel so good ‐ I thought it would be hard and like torture. Instead I've noticed my mood is much lighter ‐ I've felt noticeably happier; even others have noticed. Also, this was the first time in my life that I've counted calories. I have learned so much about calorie intake and how to eat healthily ‐ it's made a dramatic impact. My whole family is eating more proteins, fruits and veggies ‐ and less fat, sugars, etc. I also realized I was consuming way more than I needed to before, even though I wasn't a junk eater. When I first started counting calories, I calculated that I used to eat about 2500 calories a day and didn't even know it. I didn't realize my body could run more efficiently on way less. I think this is part of the reason the bloating that had plagued me for so long is now gone. I also love that I'm not over consuming, like so many Americans tend to do. I feel much more grateful and aware of the abundance I have in my life. When you are careful about what you eat, you realize how precious and nurturing food is ‐ and how wonderful and lucky you are to have the fuel you need to take care of your body.

Tell us why we should choose you as a winner of the Best Booty Transformation Contest.

I think I'm a great example of the amazing changes that Leandro's Brazil Butt Lift will bring to your life ‐ if you approach it with dedication and perseverance. I've experienced a dramatic booty transformation, especially in my hips, butt and thighs, in only 8 weeks!! Not only does my booty and body look more tone and fit at 40 years old than they EVER have in all my years of dancing, but I simply feel fantastic! Because of Brazil Butt Lift I can keep dancing and performing Samba into my 40's ‐ and wear my Brazilian samba bikini costume with self‐confidence. Because of Brazil Butt Lift can keep spreading the joy of Brazilian dance and through performing inspire others (including moms) to stay fit and look great into their 40s and beyond! Winning this contest would help spread that message even further.

Michelle Stewart

Tell us a little bit about yourself. We want to know every little detail about your amazing story. So don't leave anything out!

I am a 34‐year‐old Registered Nurse specializing in Oncology. I take care of patients with Cancer and Hematological disorders. I am married to an amazing and wonderfully supportive man. I have no children of my own, yet I do have a Stepson and Stepdaughter who are teenagers. I enjoy singing in church and doing church and volunteer activities. I was always taking care of everyone else, yet never taking care of myself. I had a gym membership and went pretty regularly, yet never got the results I wanted. My backside stayed the same no matter how much cardio I did. I got frustrated with my lack of results, got discouraged and just quit working out or doing any physical activity.

Describe your life before you began your transformation. How did you look, how did you feel, and what were some of your activities?

Before doing Brazil Butt Lift, my husband and I were "enjoying" our lives by going out and eating at restaurants almost every night and consuming alcoholic beverages on the weekends. I was eating such unhealthy foods. We did not engage in any physical activities. I felt sluggish and tired all of the time. In my 20's I always had a slender body and could at that time eat whatever I wanted and never gained weight. However, my unhealthy lifestyle was catching up to me and I developed cellulite, saddlebags, and a saggy behind and all over layer of body fat. In my 20's I wore a size 0 and now size 6 pants were getting snug. With this change came a decline in my self‐esteem. I did not feel confident in myself anymore. I was not happy with myself or the way I looked.

What was it that triggered your journey to having a better booty, a better body, and a better life?

I had been a pack‐a‐day smoker. Taking care of cancer patients was a rude awakening to the devastating effects smoking was having on my body and I realized I had to take better care of myself to be able to be a health advocate and take care of my patients. I had to lead by example. I feared gaining any more weight and refused to go out any buy size 7 clothes! I made up my mind that I was not going to be a statistic that when with quitting cigarettes means gaining weight. I quit smoking in January 2010. The year before in March 2009, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, a thyroid disorder. I was placed on medications to slow my thyroid and this in turn slowed my metabolism. I knew something had to change and I knew
at this rate, if I didn't make modifications, I would soon be overweight. I was planning a cruise with my family in June 2010 and that allowed me to set a goal for myself. I saw the infomercial and knew that was exactly what I needed. I now had the motivation, goals and a time frame. I was determined!

How did you learn about Brazil Butt Lift? What did you like most about it? What was it that made you think, "this will work for me"?

In the past I had used Slim in 6 and had also enjoyed doing Turbo Jam. I knew Beachbody programs worked if you followed the program and diet plans. Late one night when I saw the commercial for Brazil Butt Lift, I knew it was the program for me. I was not "overweight" or obese, but as you will see from my "Before" pictures, my backside was my “trouble spot”; It was saggy, large, and riddled with cellulite. I also carried some saddlebags. I loved the variety of the program. I loves that every day you do two tapes and each are about 30 minutes long. I love the variety. Leandro is fun and motivating! The workouts are so fun. I love Cardio Axe and it makes you feel like you are dancing instead of working out! Also, love the music! After a month I saw noticeable results and knew if I stuck with it I would reach my goals. I followed the program as outlined 6 days a week for 3 months. What I love most about the Brazil Butt Lift is THE RESULTS! IT WORKS!

What obstacles, temptations, or distractions did you face as your transformation began? How did you overcome them to get to where you are now?

I had several obstacles. At work, patients are always bringing in cakes, donuts, cookies, sweets, chocolates and treats in appreciation. Also, 3 days a week at work drug reps bring in catered meals from restaurants for lunch (usually from places like Macaroni Grill, Chick‐ Filet, Ruby Tuesdays, Domino's Pizza). Fattening, high sugar foods were constantly around me. I had to have strong will power to say no to all of these “goodies” and bring my own healthy lunch to work and not to make unhealthy choices. I kept my goals in mind and visualized how I would feel in my bikini if I didn't stick with the program. My husband's family also came to visit from Canada for 2 weeks and I had salads and healthy choices when we went out to dinner and did not miss a single day of working out. I work 10‐hour days, but still came home and pushed play. I did meet resistance with people saying, “You don't need to loose weight.”; and “Why are you restricting yourself?” Sometimes I began to question myself. I convinced myself and tried to convince others that this wasn't about the scale. That this was about a healthy lifestyle and getting my confidence back and feeling good about myself. This was about setting a goal, sticking to it and seeing what was inside of me. I was empowered and refused to accept limitations and stayed true to my goals and to myself.

Describe yourself now. How do you look? How has your body changed? How has your life changed as a result of this transformation? Do you have a special accomplishment, favorite feature, or unique story to tell since you began your transformation?

I feel so much better about myself now. I stuck with the program and healthy eating plan and 3 months later, I am amazed with my results! The program really targets the hips and buns as advertized. Saddle bags gone, Cellulite gone, Butt lifted and perky. Inches lost.

Start Weight: 116 End Weight: 112
Start Waist: 29 End Waist: 26
Start Hips: 36.5 End Hips: 35
Start Chest: 34.5 End Chest: 33.5
Start Right Arm: 9.5 End Right Arm: 10
Start Left Arm: 10 End Left Arm: 10
Start Right Thigh: 19.25 End Right Thigh: 17
Start Left Thigh: 20.25 End Left Thigh: 17
Sasha Mullins

Each of the Beachbody workouts offer something different and amazing.  Leandro's Brazilian Butt Lift changed my life in an interesting way.  Of course there was immediate results, however, and most importantly, I noticed that I perceived my body differently with his workout program. Instead of looking at my body as something that had to shape up to a certain size and shape in order for me to feel better about myself, I began to see my body like a sculpture so the journey to weight loss and firming became a wonderful adventure.  The best part of all was watching the cellulite just melt off my hamstrings, butt and thighs.  Leandro truly teaches you to apply his motto "don't settle for less" toward every part of your life. I perceive my body as a precious treasure and working out is a gift.  All of this helps you achieve your greatest potential in everything you do.


Working out with Leandro is like being on vacation at a Spa because the music is uplifting, the exercises are precise and focused and his spirit is so inspiring.  Leandro's Brazilian Butt Lift is so much fun and it makes you feel strong, sexy and beautiful no matter what your body type and shape.   I look forward to working out all the time now.  Even if I do another Beachbody workout like Insanity or RevAbs, I'll incorporate one of Leandro's workouts, too.   It's not uncommon for me to do two and three workouts in a day on occassion because I so very much enjoy working out with Beachbody products and I tell the world about Leandro's Brazilian Butt Lift.  Many times I get asked about my workout program and I always tell them to get Leandro's workout even if they do purchase another Beachbody product.


Also, on another note, as a native New Yorker, it's common place to be around so many people who workout as part of their lifestyle.  Here in the south, in Nashville, Tennessee, where I now live, there are so many obese people who simply have no idea that they can easily achieve their weight loss goals and body shape desires in a fun and challenging manner right in their own homes with Beachbody products. I'm honored to be part of the Beachbody revolution and thank GOD everyday that I found out about the product line.   Leandro is an incredible instructor and an encouraging personality and I'm happy to tell everyone about his fabulous workout.

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