Success Story - Michelle Stanek

I am a professional pole dancer and when I started Brazil Butt Lift I was anticipating one of the most important events in the pole dance community: The USPDF pole dance competition. Looking good in teeny booty shorts is an essential element to my life and I needed to look beyond good on that stage. Leandro and Brazil Butt Lift got me into the most amazing shape of my LIFE. It exceeded my expectations. I felt nothing but super confident in my body as I stepped onto the stage in my small costume. And...I won!

Leandro really knows how to target the muscles in the butt to create the shapely, firm and perfect butt you want. He can do it in just 30 minutes! I did the program 5 days a week and I still cannot believe how dramatically it changed the shape of my butt—something I thought was impossible to change! The exercise are varied, difficult and effective. Now I know, if I do Leandro's program, I actually can have the hot butt I always wanted. And that is priceless.

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