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Georgia Haege

Leandro has changed my butt completely! He has changed the size, shape, firmness and the "lift" of my booty. My butt has always had a lot of 'meat' on it, and as I got into my early 30s, it really started to sag. Gravity was no longer my friend, and my once quite round and lifted butt was getting heavy and sagging at the bottom (see my before pics). I was no longer inspired to exercise as my routine was getting so boring (jogging, cycling, elliptical machine, repeat), and I wasn't seeing any change in my shape. Plus, I was gaining weight in general. Then I found Leandro Carvalho and his Brazil Butt Lift program. Leandro works the entire body, with a specific focus on the butt. All of his exercises still target the core, arms, and legs as well as the butt, so I lost pounds and inches all over my body by doing his program intensively for just 8 weeks. The most striking change to my body, however, was my BUM BUM! Leandro's BBL program managed to change the shape, size, and lift of my butt. My butt became smaller, rounder, much firmer and I gained an inch of height where my butt cheeks used to sag! Now I look much better in clothes and much better without them too! (see after pic).

Leandro really understands a woman's butt, hip, and thigh region. He knows how to streamline and tone these areas without bulking. He works the butt from 3 different angles to target all its major muscle groups, so you get the most desirable shape. Leandro is very motivating as an instructor, and his motto "Don't settle for less!" really makes you push for your fitness goals. You'll achieve your best butt possible by doing this program, I can say that with absolute certainty. Just look at my before and after photos for proof!

Thank you for giving me my greatest butt, Leandro!