Leandrofitness F.A.Q.

1. Where is Leandrofitness Studio located?

We are located on 92 3rd Ave. #2F between 12th Street and 13 Street a block South of Union Square.

2. What options for training does Leandrofitness Studio offer?

Leandrofitness offers personal and small group training.

3. Is Leandro himself available for training?

Yes, Leandro does the personal training and he has also personally trained those CPT who teach the small groups.

4. How does the personal training option work?

Leandro Fitness offers packages of 10 one hour sessions scheduled between client and trainer, to be completed within three months. You have a choice between Leandro himself or with an assistant who is a Leandrofitness CPT.

5. When do the classes meet , how long are they?

The groups meet 3 times a week for one hour sessions. Classes run at 7:30 am, Noon and 7:30 pm six days a week-MWF/ T,THSa ( Saturday sessions are either at 10:30am or noon)

6. Is there a shower facility?

Yes, there is a shower at the studio.

7. How is this studio different from a larger gym?

The groups are limited to only four people which allows for close supervision of each members individual ability and goals.

8. Who teaches the small groups ?

Leandro supervises the trainers who teach the classes that he designs for the members in the group. His supervision involves consulting with the trainers and visiting the classes to see that his methods are being implemented and meeting the goals of the specific clients in a particular group.

9. Before I decide if I want to join may I come by to check out the classes in the studio?

Visitation to the studio is available, by appointment, to potential clients to watch a class during the last week of each month.

10. How long do I sign up for? Also can I come to different groups?

The members are asked commit for a month at a time, and stay with the original group they started with for that month. If a space becomes available in another group a member may transfer to that group in the next month.

11.  How do I contact Leandro Fitness Studio?

You can reach Leandro Fitness Studio by calling (917) 464-4599 or e-mail at leandrofitness@aol.com .