Why Are Men So Obsessed with Large Booty? (Female Behinds)

Booty is one of the titillating parts of lady’s body.

Don’t be surprised to see men turn around when a woman with big behinds pass by them.

See, the music industry has noticed men love big backside so the feature women with big butts.

Do you want to know why men will never stop salivating for big booties?

There always a reason and are highlighted below.

1. They look nice and hot

This is one of the most straightforward reasons.

Men are visual species who their attention are quickly grabbed by a woman’s look.

Yes, men’s eye sees how she has a beautiful smile, sexy eyes, and a fantastic hair but something remaining.

You’ve already guessed it; the booty.

Men love to have a touch of it, and finally, they get ready to attack.

Nothing is hot like an hourglass shape.

Don’t curse yourself when you catch yourself staring at a woman with big butts.

2. Offer something to grab

A big booty gives men something to spank, squeeze and grip on.

Men’s hands are restless, and they need something to hold.

Men love touching them in the lines, waiting rooms, while watching a movie or even when walking in the streets.

And guess what? They provide an extra thing to hold on while in the bedroom.

3. It’s a sign of health and fertility

When a man sees a woman in that beautiful body, she thinks that the woman knows how to take care of herself.

He will start meditating on how that woman makes lunges at the gym even if the woman has never done lunges in her life.

On fertility, a study on Oxford University revealed that women with big butts are fertile and they don’t struggle so much while giving birth.
Men will always want a woman who is productive.

4. They are addictive

Just like alcohol, food or tea, butts are addictive.

Addictive things trigger the brain leading to wanting it more.

The same happens to a big booty.

They will trigger their mind hence leading them to want more.

5. Feminine feature

Men want to see a unique feature that they don’t have.

Flat butts are not enticing to men as most men have a flat back.

Apart from the boobs, the butt will always make a big difference that many men are obsessed with.

6. Looks nice in those jeans and bikinis

Let’s not lie, a woman with a big booty will always fit well in those jeans and bikinis.

Guys don’t want saggy jeans.

They need something that can hug those jeans well.

7.The forbidden fruit

There has been a belief that women with big butts are good in bed.

Men believe that the hidden territories of women with big backside have something great they can offer.

8.Smarter kids

The same study from Oxford University showed that women with big butts offer smart kids.

Men will always love smart kids.

That’s why they will want that woman with a big backside.

Additionally, if a woman has wider hips during childbirth, they will put less strain on the kid’s developing head.

In other words, you have a safer childbirth which doesn’t lead to mental complications in the future!

8. Make good pillows

Big booty offers a good cushion and pillow to men.

If you have never lied your head on your woman’s butt, you are doing a disgrace to yourself.

They offer something to rest on.

9. Sexy spinal curve

A big booty brings that an hourglass shape that men need.

A spinal curve is attractive to men.

The Bottom line (no pun intended).

Now you have all the reasons why men love big booty.

They are addictive, they look nice, and they offer something extra that men want.

A big butt will give a distinctive feature between men and women.

Otherwise, not all men love big butts.